The iCalibrator blog is getting kicked-off with a mission to address the students both in colleges and schools providing them with a very focused view about the domain of Information Technology (IT).

This blog will cover several aspects of the IT domain from the perspective of diverse technologies, innovations in the domain, latest news about several technologies and so on.

Along with that the blog will also cover viewpoints about careers in the IT domain with an objective to help the readers understand the work, the roles and career growth of IT professionals along the several diverse career options in this domain.

It is the ambition of this blog to serve as a very pertinent, current and interesting read for the young students of both colleges and schools who can access it every day to stay up to date about the happenings in the domain of IT and hence take much more informed, researched and well analysed decisions in their professional life and personal growth.



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  2. Hi, I'm a tech blogger, and due to the recent Gmail phishing hack reported by ArsTechnica (http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/03/phishing-page-hosted-on-google-a-true-dog-bites-man-scam/), I'm doing research on vulnerable domains.
    I noticed your old iCalibrator blog (www.blogspot.in/icalibrator) is offline and the website seems to have been hacked by someone. It is indeed a valuable site for scammers so that would explain why you have been targeted. Would you please comment about it?